American Standard Roller Chain

American Standard chains commonly known as ASA chains.
Currently we stock a range of transmission roller chains from ASA25 (1/4" Pitch) through to ASA200 (2 1/2" Pitch) in simplex, duplex and triplex.  Con links and half links are also available.

Along with the standard chains, we also offer multi strand chains for the logging industry.  This includes 4 strand, 5 stand and 6 strand to suit ASA50 - ASA120

All chains have gone through Donghua's testing systems and qualitiy control facilities manufactured to the ISO (International Standards) ANSI, BS, DIN and JIS standards. 

Donghua not only do the standard roller chain but they also offer heavy roller chain or HSP chain (Heavy Super Power roller chain) - Spec sheets and info sheets for HSP are below.  These chains are specific for Agricultural machinery but have also been used in many other high intensity running applications. 

American Transmission roller chain