Weld On Hubs

Weld on Hubs

Taper Bore Weld-On Hubs are made of steel, drilled, tapped and taper bored to receive standard Taper Bushes.  The extended flange provides a convenient means of welding hubs into fan rotors, steel pulleys, plate sprockets, impellers, agitators and many other devices which must be firmly fastened entirely suitable for use where severe operating conditions are met.  Tightening the screws contracts the bore of the bush, thereby locking into the shaft with the equivalent of a press fit.  This type of construction eliminates mounting difficulties, it also prevents loosening and wearing occuring to the hub during operation.


Weld on Hubs Weld on hubs.pdf (224 KB)
Name Hub No. Bush No. A B C D E F Enquire
Weld On Hub 12 WHUB1210 1210 73mm 63mm 62.50mm 25mm 9mm 10mm Enquire
Weld On Hub 16 WHUB1610 1610 80mm 75mm 74.50mm 25mm 9mm 10mm Enquire
Weld On Hub 20 WHUB2012 2012 95mm 90mm 89.50mm 32mm 12mm 12mm Enquire
Weld On Hub 25 WHUB2517 2517 115mm 110mm 109.50mm 44mm 19mm 15mm Enquire
Weld On Hub 30 WHUB3030 3030 140mm 130mm 129.50mm 76mm 19mm 19mm Enquire
Weld On Hub 35 WHUB3535 3535 190mm 180mm 179.50mm 89mm 25mm 25mm Enquire
Weld On Hub 40 WHUB4040 4040 200mm 190mm 189.50mm 101mm 32mm 30mm Enquire
Weld On Hub 45 WHUB4545 4545 210mm 200mm 199.50mm 115mm 40mm 30mm Enquire
Weld on Hub 50 WHUB5050 5050 230mm 220mm 219.50mm 127mm 40mm 35mm Enquire
Weld on Hub 12 - Straight Type WHUB1210S 1210 75mm - - 25mm - - Enquire
Weld on Hub 16 - Straight Type WHUB1610S 1610 85mm - - 25mm - - Enquire
Weld on Hub 20 - Straight Type WHUB2012S 2012 100mm - - 32mm - - Enquire
Weld on Hub 25 - Straight Type WHUB2517S 2517 110mm - - 45mm - - Enquire
Weld on Hub 30 - Straight Type WHUB3020S 3020 135mm - - 51mm - - Enquire