American Standard Sprockets

Sprockets NZ carry a range of American standard sprockets and roller chain.  
From ASA 35 through to ASA 200, we possess the capability of manufucturing sprockets smaller or larger to suit individual applications.  

We have a vast range of Simplex, Duplex and Triplex sprockets on the shelf pilot bored, which can be machined out to suit any shaft.  Along with the stock standard sprockets we manufacture a range of multistrand sprockets (Quad, 5 Strand and 6 Strand) to suit the larger logging applications.  

Induction hardened sprockets are one of our specialities and it provides you with a longer lasting sprocket in the harsh conditions.  However, if we don't carry the sprocket you require with induction hardened teeth, we have the capabilities to Flame Harden these giving you a smiliar outcome.

Above are a range of spec sheets for you to check out
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