Locking Bush 200 Series CL2

Non Self-Centering - 200 series 
Cone clamping unit consists of four pieces with two inside double cone-rings joined through a set of tightening screws.  It is recommended for medium to high torques and although it is not self-centering, it can be easily assembled and disassembled.  Available for shaft diameters from 19 to 170mm.

Medium - high torque
Wide tolerances
Easy dismantling
Torque = Maximum transmittable torque when axial force is zero
Axial Force = Maximum axial force when transmittable torque is zero
Locking Bush 200 Locking Bush.pdf (602 KB)
Name I.D. O.D. L L1 B Torque Nm Axial Force N Enquire
CL19x47B 19mm 47mm 17mm 20mm 27.5mm 280 29000 Enquire
CL20x47B 20mm 47mm 17mm 20mm 27.5mm 280 29000 Enquire
CL24x50B 24mm 50mm 17mm 20mm 27.5mm 370 32000 Enquire
CL25x50B 25mm 50mm 17mm 20mm 27.5mm 400 32000 Enquire
CL30x55B 30mm 55mm 17mm 20mm 27.5mm 530 36000 Enquire
CL35x60B 35mm 60mm 17mm 20mm 27.5mm 750 43000 Enquire
CL38x65B 38mm 65mm 17mm 20mm 27.5mm 930 49000 Enquire
CL40x65B 40mm 65mm 17mm 20mm 27.5mm 980 49000 Enquire
CL42x75B 42mm 75mm 20mm 24mm 33.5mm 1580 75000 Enquire
CL45x75B 45mm 75mm 20mm 24mm 33.5mm 1700 76000 Enquire
CL48x80B 48mm 80mm 20mm 24mm 33.5mm 1790 74000 Enquire
CL50x80B 50mm 80mm 20mm 24mm 33.5mm 1870 75000 Enquire
CL55x85B 55mm 85mm 20mm 24mm 33.5mm 2390 88000 Enquire
CL60x90B 60mm 90mm 20mm 24mm 33.5mm 2610 88000 Enquire
CL65x95B 65mm 95mm 20mm 24mm 33.5mm 3210 98000 Enquire
CL70x110B 70mm 110mm 24mm 28mm 39.5mm 4600 132000 Enquire
CL75x115B 75mm 115mm 24mm 28mm 39.5mm 4900 131000 Enquire
CL80x120B 80mm 120mm 24mm 28mm 39.5mm 5200 131000 Enquire
CL85x125B 85mm 125mm 24mm 28mm 39.5mm 6300 148000 Enquire
CL90x130B 90mm 130mm 24mm 28mm 39.5mm 6600 147000 Enquire
CL95x135B 95mm 135mm 24mm 28mm 39.5mm 7900 167000 Enquire
CL100x145B 100mm 145mm 26mm 33mm 47mm 9750 195000 Enquire
CL120x165B 120mm 165mm 26mm 33mm 47mm 13300 221000 Enquire
CL140x190B 140mm 190mm 34mm 38mm 52mm 21200 302000 Enquire
CL150x200B 150mm 200mm 34mm 38mm 52mm 24500 329000 Enquire
CL160x210B 160mm 210mm 34mm 38mm 52mm 28400 355000 Enquire
CL170x225B 170mm 225mm 38mm 44mm 60mm 33600 396000 Enquire