Double Pitch Conveyor Chain

Often referred to as a "C" series chain the double pitch conveyor chain is made up of the same components (rollers, pins bushes etc.) as the standard transmission roller chain, however they have longer side plates (double pitch).  The double pitch conveyor chain is often used on slower moving conveyors that put less stress or wear onto the chain.  Industries that we currently supply a wide range of the double pitch roller chain to include but are not limited to fruit pack houses, timber mills and airport equipment manufactures. 

There are two variances of the double pitch chain.  One is a small roller chain which ends in a "0" (C2050, C2060 and C2080).  These chains have the same roller size the transmission roller chain (C2060 is the same as ASA60 = 11.91mm).  The other option is a larger roller chain which ends in a "2" (C2052, C2062 and C2082).  These chains have a roller diameter that is equivalent to the larger pitch transmission chain (C2062 is the same as ASA120 = 22.23mm).

We not only stock this chain as standard, but we also do a nickel plated or a dacromet coated chain, which are often used in conveyors that are in the food industry or packaging industry.   Stainless steel is also another option that we stock for the wet or chemical environment. 
Other options that we carry are attachments such as K1, K2, A1 or A2.  Pinned chain or chain with an 8.1mm hole in the side plate also known as a GK1. We also offer a heavy duty chain which has thicker side plates and a larger ultimate/average tensile strength rating.  
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