Agricultural Chain

 Since some of NZ largest industries are agricultural based we carry a wide range of chains to suit many different machines
Argicultural chains and sprockets are definately no problem for us at SprocketsNZ

One of the more comman chains are the "S" type steel agricultural chains.
The "S" type steel agricultural chains has a wasted side plate and is often seen on seed drills, harvestering equipment and elevators.  We not only carry it in a standard chain but also in Zinc plated to withstand some of the weather conditions that agricultural machines are left out in.  It has also become common to replace the cast detachable chain with one of the 'S" series chains.
Along with the plain chain we also carry a vast range of K1 or A1 attachment con links.  These con links are useful when it comes to scrapper bars or specific attachments bolted to the chain for harvesting etc. 

S Type chain S Tyoe ag chain.pdf (367 KB)

"CA" type steel agricultural chains are the next most common agricultural chain.  With a straight heavy side plate, it is often used in the harvesting or fertilizing industry.  CA550 and CA557 are the most common option in the "CA" chains.
We also carry a range of attachments for this chain.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any abnormal enquiry.  

CA Type Chain CA type chain.pdf (302 KB)
Other agricultural chains can include but are not limited to:
  • Transmission roller chains such as HSP (Heavy Super Power) which has an additional 25% - 30% greater ultimate tensile strength by using hardened pins. 
  • Double pitch conveyor chain such as C2050, C2060 or C2080
  • Steel pintle chain (667X, 667H, 667K or 88K)
  • Combination chain (C55, C188 or C131)
  • Steel Engineering bush chains (S131 or S188)
  • Hollow pin conveyor chain (3"P x 6lb - 12"P x 36lb )
  • Solid pin conveyor chain  (3"P x 7.5lb - 12"P x 60lb)
HSP Flyer HSP chain.pdf (495 KB)