Timber & Specialty Sprockets

From small C2040 double pitch custom made sprockets through to large WD480XHD drag chain sprockets, here at SprocketsNZ this is what we do.  We specialise in the odd ball sprockets that are not commonly found on the shelf. 

Our team are continuously working with cliental to come up with the latest and greatest ways to improve the functionality of their applications.  We don't shy away from those difficult jobs, instead we thrive on the challenge.  

Industries that we have a lot to deal with currently include but are not limited to - Foresty & Timber processing, Aminal & Pelt processing, Food processing & packaging, Farming & Agricultural machinery.  

Special sprockets that we manufacture include but are not limited to - Steel Pintle Chain sprockets (667X, 667K, 667H or 88K), Lumber Chain sprockets (81X), Combination Chain sprockets (C188, C131), Welded Steel Chain sprockets (WH78, WH82, WH124, WH132, WH155 or WH157), Welded Steel Drag Chain sprockets (WD110, WD120 or WD480), Conveyor Chain sprockets (3"Pitch, 4"Pitch, 6"Pitch, 8"Pitch to suit hollow pin or solid pin chain) 


A lot of applications for these chains throughout New Zealand are not common.  We like to be unique in every way that we can and here at Sprockets NZ we love to sink our teeth into the odd requests our many different customers come up with.  We manufacture in material such as 1045 Mild Steel, BIS Alloy 80, 400 or 450, 304 or 316 Stainless Steel or even UHWMPE or Nylon; anything is possible.  

If this is something that you are interested in please call now!!!!

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