Leaf Chain

Donghua Leaf chain or Lifting chain is manufactured to the ISO standard. 
All chains are available with test certificates and batch numbers to track production.

Currently we stock a vast range of AL leaf chains and BL leaf chains from 3/8" Pitch to 2 1/2" Pitch.  These are carried in 10ft, 50ft and 100ft rolls so we can cut specific lengths. 

Recently we have started to import a range of LL leaf chains.  At this stage we have 8 sizes available ranging from 5/8" pitch 2 x 2 lacing through to 2 1/2" pitch 8 x 8 lacing.  These are carried in 30ft rolls so can be cut to required length.

LL Leaf chain LL Leaf chain.pdf (153 KB)
Leaf Chain Leaf chain pins and con links  

Name Pitch Pin Diameter Plate Depth Plate Thickness Enquire
P d2 max h2 T max
mm mm max mm
AL3 9.525mm 3.58mm 7.70mm 1.30mm Enquire
AL4 12.70mm 3.96mm 10.40mm 1.50mm Enquire
AL5 15.875mm 5.08mm 12.80mm 2.03mm Enquire
AL6 19.05mm 5.94mm 15.60mm 2.42mm Enquire
AL8 25.40mm 7.92mm 20.50mm 3.25mm Enquire
AL10 31.75mm 9.53mm 25.60mm 4.00mm Enquire
AL12 38.10mm 11.10mm 30.50mm 4.80mm Enquire
AL14 44.45mm 12.64mm 36.40mm 5.60mm Enquire
AL16 50.80mm 14.21mm 41.60mm 6.40mm Enquire
BL4 12.70mm 5.09mm 12.07mm 2.08mm Enquire
BL5 15.875mm 5.96mm 15.09mm 2.44mm Enquire
BL6 19.05mm 7.94mm 18.11mm 3.30mm Enquire
BL8 25.40mm 9.54mm 24.13mm 4.09mm Enquire
BL10 31.75mm 11.11mm 30.18mm 4.90mm Enquire
BL12 38.10mm 12.71mm 36.20mm 5.77mm Enquire
BL14 44.45mm 14.29mm 42.24mm 6.55mm Enquire
BL16 50.80mm 17.46mm 48.26mm 7.52mm Enquire
BL20 63.50mm 23.81mm 60.33mm 9.91mm Enquire
LL10 15.875mm 5.08mm 13.70mm 1.60mm Enquire
LL12 19.05mm 5.72mm 16.00mm 1.85mm Enquire
LL16 25.40mm 8.28mm 21.00mm 3.10mm Enquire
LL20 31.75mm 10.19mm 26.40mm 3.50mm Enquire
LL24 38.10mm 14.63mm 33.40mm 5.00mm Enquire
LL28 44.45mm 15.90mm 37.08mm 6.00mm Enquire
LL32 50.80mm 17.81mm 42.00mm 6.40mm Enquire
LL40 63.50mm 22.89mm 52.76mm 8.00mm Enquire