Leaf Chain

Donghua Leaf chain or Lifting chain is manufactured to the ISO standard. 
All chains are available with test certificates and batch numbers to track production.

Currently we stock a vast range of BL leaf chains and AL leaf chains from 1/2" Pitch to 2" Pitch.  These are carried in 10ft, 50ft and 100ft rolls so we can cut specific lengths. 

Recently we have started to import a range of LL leaf chains.  At this stage we have 11 sizes available ranging from 5/8" pitch 6 x 6 lacing through to 2 1/2" pitch 8 x 8 lacing.  These are carried in 30ft rolls so can be cut to required length.

LL Leaf chain LL Leaf chain.pdf (153 KB)
Leaf Chain Leaf chain pins and con links