Conveyor Chains

Southchain Conveyor Chains

3"Pitch, 4" Pitch, 6"Pitch and 8"P hollow pin or solid pin conveyor chains are often used on bale feeder & feed out wagons.  We offer these chains non-coated (often referred to as black), zinc plated which increases the life span of the chain as it will not rust as quickly, or dacromet coated chain which is a aqua proof chain this will prevent rusting even in the damp NZ conditions.  These chains can be modified in store with attachments to suit many different applications.  If you have a odd ball chain please do not hesitate to get in touch so we can help you.  All sprockets are profile cut out and machined specifically for each application. 
*Solid Pin chain spec drawing below
Name Roller Diameter Width between inner plates Pin Diameter Plate Depth Plate Thickness Enquire
d1 max b1 min d2 max h2 T max
mm mm mm max mm
6,000/7,500lb 31.75mm 15.00mm 14.00mm 25.00mm 4.00mm Enquire
12,000/15,000lb 47.50mm 19.00mm 19.00mm 40.00mm 5.00/4.00mm Enquire
24,000/30,000lb 66.70mm 26.00mm 26.90mm 50.00mm 7.00/5.00mm Enquire
36,000/60,000lb 88.90mm 38.00mm 32.00mm 60.00mm 10.00/8.00mm Enquire