British Standard Roller Chain

BS or British standard transmission roller chains are available in sizes from 6mm pitch (04B) through to 2.5inch pitch (40B).
We carry a vast range of simplex, duplex and triplex chains, con links and half links to suit many applications.

Made to the ISO standards Donghua's British transmission chains are pre-stretched and quality checked before leaving their premises. 

We can also offer a range of these chains in heavy side plated, dacromet coated, nickel plated and stainless steel.  This allows us to cover a large range of applications. 

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British transmission roller chain
Name Pitch Roller Diameter Width between inner plates Pin Diameter Pin Length Pin Length Plate Thickness Average Tensile Strength Inner Plate Depth Enquire
P d1 max b1 min d2 max L max Lc max T max Qo h2 max
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN mm
06B1 9.525mm 6.35mm 5.72mm 3.28mm 13.15mm 14.10mm 1.30mm 10.4 8.20mm Enquire
08B1 12.700mm 8.51mm 7.75mm 4.45mm 16.70mm 18.20mm 1.60mm 19.40 11.80mm Enquire
10B1 15.875mm 10.16mm 9.65mm 5.08mm 19.50mm 20.90mm 1.70mm 27.5 14.70mm Enquire
12B1 19.050mm 12.07mm 11.68mm 5.72mm 22.50mm 24.20mm 1.85mm 32.20 16.00mm Enquire
16B1 25.400mm 15.88mm 17.02mm 8.28mm 36.10mm 37.40mm 4.15/3.15mm 72.8 21.00mm Enquire
20B1 31.750mm 19.05mm 19.56mm 10.19mm 41.30mm 45.00mm 4.50/3.50mm 106.7 26.40mm Enquire
24B1 38.100mm 25.40mm 25.40mm 14.63mm 53.40mm 57.80mm 6.00/4.80mm 178.0 33.20mm Enquire
28B1 44.450mm 27.94mm 30.99mm 15.90mm 65.10mm 69.50mm 7.50/6.00mm 222.0 36.70mm Enquire
32B1 50.800mm 29.21mm 30.99mm 17.81mm 66.00mm 71.00mm 7.00/6.00mm 277.5 42.00mm Enquire
40B1 63.500mm 39.37mm 38.10mm 22.89mm 82.20mm 89.20mm 8.50/8.00mm 394.0 52.96mm Enquire