Timber Chains

Lumber Conveyor Chains

Lumber conveyor chains such as 81X and 81XH are a common stock item here at Southchain.  Used mostly in the timber industry 81X is versitle, light weight and often runs on high speed conveyors. Attachments for 81X include but are not limited to Rooftop (steel or plastic), Pushers, Lugs and Scrapers.   Along with the steel option we can offer in stainless steel.  81X sprockets are readily availble to order with your new chains.
Lumber Chain 81X Lumber chains (81X).pdf (241 KB)

Welded Steel Chains

Welded Steel Chains such as WH78, WH82, WH124, WH132, WH155 and WH157 are often used to convey material from one place to another.  The common chain is a offset link with a bush however it is also available in a straight side plate for easier welding "WRC", Extra Heavy duty chain "XHD", Induction hardened barrells and rivets "IBR". 
Welded Steel Chain Welded Steel chain.pdf (492 KB)

Welded Steel Drag Chains

Welded Steel Drag Chains like the common WD110 or WD480 are often used in the timber industry on the log transfer deck.  We offer a range of chains like WD110 reverse barrell, WD480XHD (extra heavy duty), WDH (wide drag chain) in 110, 112, 120 and 480.   To finish the package we can also offer full tooth sprockets to suit or just plate wheels.
Welded Steel Drag Chain Welded Steel Drag Chain.pdf (286 KB)
Combination Chains

Combination Chains like C188 and C131 are not only used in the agricultural industry but also the timber industry.  Currently we have a customer the C131 combination chain on their in-feed & out-feed log deck.  This is a straight link combination chain with the inners being manufactured from cast and the outer like from steel.  We have 2 options available when it comes to the combination chain and that is joined with a cotter pin (easy to assemble or dis assemble) or riveted joins.  Sprockets for the C131 and C188 are manufactured as per specifications required to each machine. 
A similar chain to this is the S131 or the S188 which are a full steel option.  This chain is not something that we carry at this stage but can easily import through Donghua.
Combination Chain Combination Chain.pdf (212 KB)