Timber Chains

Lumber Conveyor Chains

Lumber conveyor chains such as 81X and 81XH are a common stock item here at Southchain.  Used mostly in the timber industry 81X is versitle, light weight and often runs on high speed conveyors. Attachments for 81X include but are not limited to Rooftop (steel or plastic), Pushers, Lugs and Scrapers.   Along with the steel option we can offer in stainless steel.  81X sprockets are readily availble to order with your new chains.
Lumber Chain 81X Lumber chains (81X).pdf (241 KB)

Welded Steel Chains

Welded Steel Chains such as WH78, WH82, WH124, WH132, WH155 and WH157 are often used to convey material from one place to another.  The common chain is a offset link with a bush however it is also available in a straight side plate for easier welding "WRC", Extra Heavy duty chain "XHD", Induction hardened barrells and rivets "IBR". 
Welded Steel Chain Welded Steel chain.pdf (492 KB)
Chain Designations:

WR = Welded steel chain c/w heat-treated rivets
WH = Welded steel chain fully heat-treated 
WRC = Straight side bars
IBR = Fully heat-treated including barrells and rivets
XHD = Extra heavy duty, thicker side splates 
81X spec drawing:
Welded steel chain's spec drawing:
Name Pitch Width between inner plates Pin Diameter Pin Length Pin Length Plate Depth Plate Thickness Enquire
P b1 min d2 max L max Lc max h2 T max
mm mm mm mm mm max mm
81X 66.27mm 27.00mm 11.10mm 49.00mm 53.50mm 28.50mm 4.00mm Enquire
81XH 66.27mm 27.78mm 11.10mm 60.70mm 65.10mm 31.35mm 7.94/5.55mm (Inner/Outer) Enquire
WH78 66.27mm 25.40mm 12.70mm 73.00mm 79.30mm 31.75mm 6.35mm Enquire
WH82 78.10mm 28.70mm 14.29mm 80.00mm 86.00mm 31.80mm 6.35mm Enquire
WH82XHDIBR 78.10mm 28.70mm 19.05mm 100.01mm 105.20mm 38.10mm 9.60mm Enquire
WRC82XHD 78.10mm 28.58mm 25.40mm 123.83mm N/A 50.80mm 12.70mm Enquire
WH106XHD 153.67mm 38.10mm 25.40mm 121.16mm 124.16mm 50.80mm 12.70mm Enquire
WH111IBR 120.90mm 57.15mm 19.05mm 117.11mm 124.05mm 44.45mm 9.60mm Enquire
WH124IBR 101.60mm 38.10mm 19.05mm 104.75mm 111.20mm 38.10mm 9.60mm Enquire
WH124XHD 103.20mm 38.10mm 25.40mm 118.80mm 129.14mm 50.80mm 12.70mm Enquire
WH132IBR 153.67mm 69.85mm 25.40mm 153.76mm 161.50mm 50.80mm 12.70mm Enquire
WH132XHD 153.67mm 69.85mm 25.40mm 159.77mm 178.79mm 50.80mm 15.88mm Enquire
WH157IBR 153.67mm 73.00mm 28.57mm 166.77mm 178.70mm 63.50mm 16.00mm Enquire