Locking Bush 450 Series CL1

Self Centering - 450 series:
Consists of one biconic ring and two truncated cone rings. It is suitable for very high torques and is self centering. Ideal for conveyors and many other machine applications. Avaiable for shaft diameters from 25 to 400mm (largest off the shelf being 120mm). 

Very high torque
Capacity to withstand bending moments
Standard sizes
Torque = Maximum transmittable torque when axial force is zero
Axial force = Maxium axial force when transmittable torque is zero.
Name I.D. O.D. L L1 B Torque Nm Axial Force N Enquire
CL25x50-450 25mm 50mm 41mm 45mm 51mm 830 66000 Enquire
CL35x60-450 35mm 60mm 41mm 45mm 51mm 1549 89000 Enquire
CL40x65-450 40mm 65mm 41mm 45mm 51mm 2213 111000 Enquire
CL50x80-450 50mm 80mm 58mm 62mm 70mm 4089 164000 Enquire
CL60x90-450 60mm 90mm 58mm 62mm 70mm 6134 204000 Enquire
CL65x95-450 65mm 95mm 58mm 62mm 70mm 6645 204000 Enquire
CL70x110-450 70mm 110mm 70mm 76mm 86mm 11363 325000 Enquire
CL75x115-450 75mm 115mm 70mm 76mm 86mm 12174 325000 Enquire
CL80x120-450 80mm 120mm 70mm 76mm 86mm 15583 390000 Enquire
CL90x130-450 90mm 130mm 70mm 76mm 86mm 17531 390000 Enquire
CL110x155-450 110mm 155mm 92mm 98mm 110mm 31197 567000 Enquire
CL120x165-450 120mm 165mm 92mm 98mm 110mm 39706 662000 Enquire