Agricultural Chains

 Bale feeders,  Bucket elevators, feed out wagons, wood spliters, haversters are just a small range of machines we carry chain for.
Combination chains

Combination Chains like C188 and C131 are not only used in the timber industry but also in the agricultural industry on machines for fertilizer spreading.  This is a straight link combination chain with the inners being manufactured from cast and the outer like from steel.  We have 2 options available when it comes to the combination chain and that is joined with a cotter pin (easy to assemble or dis assemble) or riveted joins.  Sprockets for the C131 and C188 are manufactured as per specifications required to each machine.  A similar chain to this is the S131 or the S188 which are a full steel option.  This chain is something that we keep a floating stock domestically with the oppurtunity to import larger quantities as required.
Combination Chain Combination Chain.pdf (212 KB)
Steel Pintle Chains

Steel pintle chains like 88K, D667X, D667K and D667H are a crank link chain often used in machines that carry fertilizer or grain.  As it does not have a roller which allows the product to flow seemlessly around the chain and does not get clogged up in between the rollers of a standard chain.  
Steel Pintle Chain Steel Pintle Chain.pdf (540 KB)
Name Pitch Width between inner plates Pin Diameter Plate Depth Plate Thickness Enquire
P b1 min d2 max h2 T max
mm mm mm max mm
D662 42.27mm 22.90mm 7.19mm 18.80mm 3.20mm Enquire
D667H 58.75mm 25.40mm 7.94mm 22.20mm 3.20mm Enquire
D667X 57.15mm 26.60mm 11.10mm 23.80mm 4.30mm Enquire
D667XH 57.15mm 27.40mm 11.91mm 27.30mm 5.70mm Enquire
D667K 57.15mm 27.40mm 11.10mm 27.30mm 5.10mm Enquire
D667J 57.15mm 26.60mm 9.53mm 27.30mm 4.30mm Enquire
88K 66.27mm 27.40mm 11.10mm 27.30mm 5.10mm Enquire
88C 66.27mm 31.40mm 12.70mm 28.90mm 6.40mm Enquire
C55 41.40mm 19.05mm 9.52mm 18.25mm 5.55mm Enquire
C188 66.27mm 22.22mm 12.70mm 28.57mm 6.35mm Enquire
C131 78.11mm 28.57mm 15.87mm 38.10mm 9.52mm Enquire