Stainless Steel Chain

304 Stainless steel transmission roller chains, conveyor chains, timber chains or agricultural chains.  Whatever the application we have access to a range of stainless steel chains.

From the standard roller chains in British and American through to 81X chain or S88 chain.  Stainless steel chains and sprockets are good for environments that are affected by water and chemicals.  It helps prevent the common damage of chain and sprockets rust. 
Stainless steel chains are used a lot in the food processing industry or fishing boats but it is also known to be used in Timber processing plants and packaging plants. 

Below are a few of the options that we carry in stainless steel.  If you do not see the chain you require please do get in touch and we will be able to source the required chain.

Name Donghua/Internal Chain Code Enquire
1/4" Pitch 25BSS Enquire
3/8" Pitch 35BSS, 06BSS Enquire
1/2" Pitch A40BSS, 08BSS Enquire
5/8" Pitch 50BSS, 10BSS Enquire
3/4" Pitch 60BSS, 12BSS Enquire
1" Pitch 80BSS, 16BSS, C2040SS Enquire
1 1/4" Pitch 20BSS, C2050SS Enquire
1 1/2" Pitch 24BSS, C2060SS, C2060HSS Enquire
2" Pitch 32BSS, C2080SS, C2080HSS Enquire
2 1/2" Pitch C2100SS, C2100HSS Enquire