Locking Bush 110 Series CL1

Self Centering - 110 series 
This Locking Bush consists of two conical pieces and a spacer.  It has minimum overall dimensions in virtue of the reduced thickness of the cones; so, CL 1 is suitable for the applications where small hubs are used.  It is recommended for medium to high torques and is self centering.  CL1 guarantees a very precise axial positioning, as no axial displacement of hub occurs during the assembly operation.  Available for shaft diameters from 24 to 120mm.
Locking Bush 110 series Locking Bush.pdf (602 KB)
Name I.D. O.D. L L1 B D Torque Nm Axial Force N Enquire
CL16x24T 16mm 24mm 16mm 36mm 42mm 45mm 136 17000 Enquire
CL20x28T 20mm 28mm 18mm 38mm 44mm 50mm 220 22000 Enquire
CL22x32T 22mm 32mm 25mm 45mm 51mm 54mm 250 22000 Enquire
CL24x34T 24mm 34mm 25mm 45mm 51mm 56mm 270 22000 Enquire
CL25x34T 25mm 34mm 25mm 45mm 51mm 56mm 280 22000 Enquire
CL30x41T 30mm 41mm 25mm 45mm 51mm 62mm 510 33000 Enquire
CL35x47T 35mm 47mm 32mm 52mm 58mm 69mm 790 45000 Enquire
CL40x53T 40mm 53mm 32mm 52mm 58mm 75mm 900 45000 Enquire
CL45x59T 45mm 59mm 45mm 70mm 78mm 86mm 1890 84000 Enquire
CL50x65T 50mm 65mm 45mm 70mm 78mm 92mm 2100 84000 Enquire
CL60x77T 60mm 77mm 55mm 80mm 88mm 104mm 2840 94000 Enquire
CL70x90T 70mm 90mm 65mm 96mm 106mm 119mm 5250 150000 Enquire
CL75x95T 75mm 95mm 65mm 96mm 106mm 126mm 5600 150000 Enquire
CL80x100T 80mm 100mm 65mm 96mm 106mm 131mm 8020 200000 Enquire
CL90x112T 90mm 112mm 65mm 96mm 106mm 144mm 9000 200000 Enquire
CL100x125T 100mm 125mm 65mm 96mm 106mm 154mm 15000 300000 Enquire
CL110x140T 110mm 140mm 90mm 128mm 140mm 180mm 16000 290000 Enquire
CL120x155T 120mm 155mm 90mm 128mm 140mm 198mm 17500 290000 Enquire