Here at SprocketsNZ we manufacture and import a wide range of American standard, British standard, timber and speciality sprockets.  From 25mm through to 1.6meters OD.
  • Our imported sprockets include a range of simplex, duplex and triplex pilot bored.  These come in both American or British standard in 1045 material.  Common stock levels range from 8 tooth through to 114 tooth.  - please see specification sheets below.
  • A vast range of our imported sprockets have induction hardened teeth which give the sprockets a better life expectancy.  If we do not stock these with IHT we have the capabilities in store to flame harden the teeth. 
  • Sprockets that are bored and keyed, machined for bearing or locking bush are one of our day to day expertise.  If you are after a machined sprocket these can often be done in a day or two. 
  • Split sprockets for an easier fit in difficult applications.  Having two sprockets split in half for a easy installation.  These are usually supplied for 81X or WH78 chains however we also manufacture a range of transmission roller chain split sprockets. 
  • Taper lock sprockets have become a common substitute for a standard bore and key sprocket, we have kept up with industry changes and carry a range of TL sprockets on the shelf along with cast and steel taper lock bushes ranging from 1008-10mm bore through to 5050-125mm bore.
  • The majority of sprockets that are supplied are a single boss "B Boss" however we do stock a range of plate wheel "A Plate" or manufacture a range of double boss "C Boss" sprockets pilot bored.
  • 304 Stainless steel simplex sprockets are common item on our shelves.  Often used in the food and water industries.  The stainless steel sprockets and roller chain is used in areas that are often used around water to prevent the issue of rust. 
  • Double simplex or combo sprockets are specifically manufactured to suit each machines requirements.  These are often used to run two simplex roller chains often in different directions.  With a combo sprocket these are not always the same pitch chain and we will often manufacture sprockets with two completely different OD sprockets.
  • Conveyor chain sprockets are profile cut out to suit different pound chains.  Every sprocket is specific to machine requirements and are all made to order.  Common sizes are to suit 3"P, 4"P, 6"P, 8"P, and 81X.
  • Drag chain sprockets or Timber sprockets can be manufactured with complete teeth and drums or plate wheels.  Each sprocket is manufactured to suit the conveyor that it is running on. 
The majority of our sprockets are out of 1045 material, however if requried we are more then happy to manufacture out of different materials such as Bis Alloy 80 or Bis Alloy 400.  We can also access 316 stainless steel, UMPHE, and Aluminium. 
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